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Unannounced Automatic Updates … Are They Really Better For Users?
Another monthly "Patch Tuesday" just passed by and, like many folks, I updated all my systems to include these updates. I also awoke Wednesday and Thursday to machines that had been rebooted because Windows patched itself and rebooted the computer. In both cases, I was upset as I had open documents that I had not saved. To make this easier, many software packages are going to background updating with no notice to users. I question if this is really better for users.

A Quick Thought on Father’s Day
Father's Day … so many people think this is every day of the year, especially mothers in the world. This is a generated day by most of the gifts, sundries and greeting card people. While that might be, I still love these holidays!

Welcome to my Launch
Welcome to my new blog, Jared on Tech. The things I will be talking about are technology, gadgets, services and how people and businesses can use them. I have had some previous blogs but this is a new start for me.