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What's my Current Status?
Sometimes I get lucky that I get opportunities to speak with people about some topic. It might be Azure. Could be SharePoint. Who knows, I might get to speak on risk and compliance. On April 16th, 2015, I get to speak with the great group at the Current Status Hangout on SharePoint. Join in.

SharePoint Saturday Redmond Presentation
I was lucky to have Karuana Gatimu ask Carrie Doring and myself to present in her place at SharePoint Saturday. Follow Julia White and up against SharePoint heavyweights like Steve Walker, I think Carrie and I did great. Here's a bit of a wrap-up.

Is SharePoint 2013 Slow? Did You Check AV?
Having a performance issue with SharePoint 2013 made me do some searching around but totally forgot about how Anti-Virus installed on the server could impact it. Thanks to Todd Klindt's netcast, this KB jumped out to me.