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Initial Look at my Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft has finally jumped into the foray of tablet companies with the official release of Windows 8 and their Surface RT tablet. I was one of the early adopters willing to pay $599 for a 32GB version with the black Touch Cover keyboard receiving it on Friday, October 26, 2012. In going back and reading the reviews published about the Surface RT, I will agree with many of their assessments: This is a great piece of hardware but the software (Operating System and Apps) need some improvement.

Easy Caddy for SSD Drives, Part 2
I wrote in an earlier article about a 2.5" drive caddy that holds two 2.5" drives in a 3.5" drive bay. I purchased 3 of them to install in systems at my home. I finally got the first installed into my Mediacenter PC and I am in love! If you have smaller form factor drives in a system with 3.5" bays, you got to get yourself one of these.

C3PI? CSI? CNN?… or … How cell phone companies are trying to make more on us!
I am an avid listener of Security Now! from the TWiT netcast network. Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation has a deep understanding of security down to the basic systems and even components to explain it. If it says anything, they just released their 373rd episode yesterday, October 10, 2012. This past episode was one of his Q&A shows. In it, Russell in London wrote in to explain something that he saw for Verizon Wireless users. What Steve explained was how CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) was going to be sold by Verizon to marketers unless you opt-out in the next 30 days. My reaction was "What? Is this something I need to worry about on another carrier?" The answer is an emphatic "YES" if you care about your privacy.

Easy Caddy for SSD Drives
As I am working on my systems at home, I am noticing a larger use of 2.5 inch drives in my systems. This is due to the increased use of solid state drives (SSD). In fact, in my newer server rig I spoke about, I have mirrored SSDs for the OS. To help make it easier for installation of these drives into my systems, I looked for a nice drive caddy and found one!

Update on my 60 Days to MCSE
Wow, I have not posted on this topic for a very, very long time. I am writing an update around my path towards MCSE: Private Cloud and the mis-steps I took on the way. As it stands, I am way past 60 days from my start and I haven't even gotten out of the blocks.