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Easy Caddy for SSD Drives, Part 2
I wrote in an earlier article about a 2.5" drive caddy that holds two 2.5" drives in a 3.5" drive bay. I purchased 3 of them to install in systems at my home. I finally got the first installed into my Mediacenter PC and I am in love! If you have smaller form factor drives in a system with 3.5" bays, you got to get yourself one of these.

Easy Caddy for SSD Drives
As I am working on my systems at home, I am noticing a larger use of 2.5 inch drives in my systems. This is due to the increased use of solid state drives (SSD). In fact, in my newer server rig I spoke about, I have mirrored SSDs for the OS. To help make it easier for installation of these drives into my systems, I looked for a nice drive caddy and found one!