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Level Up Azure for IT Pros ... And SharePoint Too!
There has been a great event going on this week for IT Pros. The Azure IaaS for IT Pros Online Event kicked off this Monday and is presenting a ton of information for IT Professionals through Thursday. The final session may be the best, but I might be a bit biased...

My Azure Hosting Hiccups, or "How to Shoot One's Self in Your Own Foot"
As you might have read, I moved my website onto Azure a couple of weeks ago. I have not looked back at all. Well, okay. Two events made me rethink my strategy around hosting on Azure. One was my own doing and the other is a conflict between DotNetNuke and the Azure SQL model. Both were resolved and I am again 100% on hosting via Azure, until the next problem rears its ugly head.

Moved my Site and Blog to Azure … How Easy!
Well, I finally made the switch. As many of you can see in the URL, my blog has moved from my personal servers onto the Azure fabric. It is something I wanted to do for a while and never got quite around to finishing until now. It is not totally done but I am happy with the interim results.